Twitter Org Chart Report in 2024

X Corp. Org Chart Report in 2024

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1355 Market Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States
Main Phone: (415) 222-9670
Sector(s): Communication Services
Industry Sector: Communications & Internet Content and Info
Full Time Employees: 7,490
CEO: Elon Musk

Twitter Org Chart in 2024

Twitter Re-Org Nov 2022
December 2, 2022 - Employees are marching to the doors at Twitter, with many workers refusing to accept Elon Musk's terms for remaining with the company, opting to quit instead. As a deadline approached for Twitter employees to respond to Elon Musk's ultimatum to either pledge to work "extremely strongly" for the company or resign, some employees seem to have publicly indicated that they chose to quit. Twitter employees posted a salute emoji, which has come to symbolize that someone is leaving the company.

One of the easiest decisions
One Twitter employee said in a tweet that the decision to come out was "one of the easiest decisions I ever made. Deciding today to leave was 100% the opposite".
Twitter Salute Emoji
Twitter internal Slack
Twitter's internal Slack channel was filled with employees posting greeting emojis following its deadline of 5pm EST on November 16, 2022, signaling that they had decided against signing Musk's promise to resign from the company. Twitter's remaining staff had until 5pm ET to decide if they wants to be a part of the culture that Musk wants to bring to Twitter.

Twitter Mass Exodus 
A former Twitter executive who recently left the company described Thursday's staff departures as "a mass exodus". On Thursday night after the departures, employees still working at the company received an email informing them the company's offices would temporarily close, with badge access restricted until Monday, according to a copy of the email obtained by CNN from a current Twitter employee. Musks team had similarly closed offices during a mass firing earlier this month, amid concerns about security and a seeming fear that departing employees might try to damage the company while they were leaving.

Musk’s Ultimatum
Two Twitter employees told reporters before Thursday's deadline that they planned to refuse the ultimatum, citing the toxic work environment that the billionaire had fostered. Another Twitter employee told the informant on Wednesday they were still considering a decision, saying the Musk emails "felt like a punch to the gut, because regardless of your feelings on wanting to stay or wanting to leave, you are forced to make the decision, and it feels like you are racing the clock to make the best decision for yourself and your family". . The employee added: These decisions are not just 24-hours-long.

Twitter 2.0
Musk told employees that his aim was to create "Twitter 2.0" and that employees who chose to remain would have to promise to work "long hours with a lot of intensity" and would have agreed to go back to working at an office. As of midday Thursday, employees had yet to receive clarification about what kind of exceptions would be granted to telecommuting, one employee said. Later on Thursday, in a seeming desperate move by the leadership not to lose too many workers over an ultimatum, Musk sent a letter to employees seeking to clarify his stance on remote work, according to the texts of the emails obtained by a person briefed on the matter who asked not to be identified.

Twitter Org Chart

Twitter Org Chart December 2022

Musk on Remote Workers
"With respect to remote work, all that is required to get approved is for your manager to be responsible in making sure that you are making a great contribution," Musk wrote in the email, adding that workers will be expected to participate in face-to-face meetings at least once per month. Thirty minutes later, Musk sent another email stating: "At the risk of saying the obvious, any manager who falsely claims someone reporting to them is doing great work, or is critical of any given role, remote or otherwise, will be fired from the company."

Twitter Workforce is 3,700 and Shrinking
The decision to send out the ultimatum comes after Musk fired half of Twitter's workforce earlier this month, trimming the workforce to about 3,700 employees, while he has reportedly cut back on many of Twitter's contract workers as well. He also ousted its senior management and disbanded its board. Musk has also recently fired a number of employees who criticized him on Twitter or on an internal Slack channel.

Elon Musk Reorganizes Twitter

Twitter 2.0 With Elon Musk
Elon Musk has laid off 50% of Twitter's 7,500 employees and accepted resignations from 1,200 employees and counting as of late last month. On November 16, he began another round of layoffs. Musk tweeted that he was sleeping in his San Francisco Twitter office.

Musk Fires Robyn Wheeler
On Sunday, Musk met with Twitter sales staff, according to two sources familiar with the conversation. Then, on Monday, he laid off employees from his sales division. Musk fired Robyn Wheeler, the chief sales officer.

Musk Paid $44 Billion for Twitter
Elon Musk has moved fast to overhaul Twitter since wrapping up a $44 billion takeover of the social media company in October, warning about the dim financial picture and need for new products. As part of Musks takeover of Twitter, he is delisting the company's shares from NASDAQ.

Musk takes Twitter Private
Making Twitter a private company gives Musk certain advantages, including not to having to file quarterly financial reports. Twitter will also be subject to less regulatory oversight.

Musk fires almost half of Twitter staff
About a week after closing the sale of Twitter to Musk, he laid off almost half of Twitter's workforce, about 3,700 jobs. The cuts affected numerous departments throughout the company, including engineering and machine learning units, a team devoted to managing content moderation, and sales and advertising.

Twitter is charging users
In November 2022, Twitter began charging customers $7.99 per month for coveted verified ticks on their profiles. But the subscription service was suspended after some users used it to cause chaos on the platform, posing as well-known brands and sending disruptive tweets.

Musk to create Content Moderation Board
Shortly after closing a deal to buy Twitter, Musk said the company would create a content moderation board to decide which posts would remain live and which ones would be taken down. But advertisers paused their Twitter spending, concerned Musk would weaken content rules on the platform. As Musk and his advisers search for ways to bring in more revenue at the company, they have discussed adding paid direct messages, which would allow users to send private messages to high-profile users.

Twitter to become Payment Processor
The company has also filed incorporation papers, clearing the way for payments to be processed. Twitter is also reaching out to some engineers who left, asking them to come back, people said. In Monday's meeting with employees, Musk said the company is not planning more layoffs, according to a person who attended.

Twitter is a Sideshow for Musk
And for Musk, Twitter's restructuring was just a sideshow. He remains CEO of Tesla, which he said in court that he continues to run, and of SpaceX, where he said he is focused on designing rockets, not managing. "There was a first round of reorganization activity to the companies," he said adding "I am expecting to cut back my time on Twitter".


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