Under Armour Org Chart Report in 2024

Under Armour Org Chart Report in 2024

Under Armour logo


January 14, 2024


Under Armour, Inc.
1020 Hull Street
3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21230-2080
United States
Main Phone: (410) 468-2512
Website: https://www.underarmour.com
Industry: Consumer - Apparel Manufacturing
Full Time Employees: 7,600
Annual Revenue: $5.87 Billion
CEO: Kevin A. Plank


How is Under Armour organized?

Under Armour's organizational structure is designed to serve the company's diverse business strategies and organizational structure is beneficial. The streamlined approach to business operations is a key feature of the company's organizational structure.

Under Armour Org Chart in 2022 Corporate Structure

Who was elected to the Under Armour Board of Directors in 2024?

Under Armour Org Chart in 2022 Board of Directors

Who are the executive decision-makers at Under Armour?

Under Armour Org Chart in 2022 Executive Leadership


What are some examples of recent Under Armour's executive changes?

Under Armour has announced several executive changes, including the appointment of Kevin Plank as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Plank will also serve as President and Chief Operating Officer. The company has also appointed Stefan Janoski as Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Board of Directors.


Who are Under Armour's competitors?

Nike is the largest player in the global sports apparel market with a market share of 31.5%. Lululemon is the second largest player in the global sports apparel market with a market share of 16.2%. Under Armour is the third largest player in the global sports apparel market with a market share of 10.4%. Adidas is the fourth largest player in the global sports apparel market with a market share of 8%.

What is Under Armour's marketing plan?

Under Armour's current marketing plan includes a focus on accelerating market share growth through product innovation, expanding distribution into new global markets, and increasing sponsorship and licensing deals. The company's distribution strategy focuses on developing long-term relationships with key partners and expanding its direct-to-consumer presence. Under Armour has been aggressively expanding into new global markets, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, and Russia. In fiscal year 2021, the company announced plans to open a flagship store in Shanghai, and has since announced plans to open stores in Tokyo and Barcelona.


Is Under Armour's organizational structure centralized or decentralized?

The company's organizational structure is decentralized and flexible, with regional offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia Pacific. The company has a strong focus on sustainability, with a goal of having all of its products made from sustainable materials by 2025. The company's management structure is divided into three tiers: senior management, leadership team, and team members. The senior management team includes the CEO, COO, and president, while the leadership team includes the head of global sales and marketing, head of product development, head of global operations, and head of global customer experience. The team members are divided into five categories: product, customer experience, sales, marketing, and operations. The company's goal is to use situational leadership to manage the team members. The leadership theory that underlies this approach is solid plan, which focuses on creating a clear vision and strategy, setting measurable goals, and continuously measuring progress. The attack strategy is designed to help the team members achieve their goals.


Who is Under Armour's CEO?

Under Armour Chief Executive Officer Kevin Plank is the company's senior vice president and chief operating officer. Paul Fipps is the company's senior vice president, global commerce. Erik Haskell is the company's senior vice president, global marketing.


Who is Under Armour's President?

Under Armour has named Colin Browne as its new president, effective June 1. Plank will serve as the company's interim CEO. The move comes as Under Armour looks to improve its operating efficiency and margins. Browne, who was previously the company's chief strategy officer, will oversee Under Armour's global operations. He will also be responsible for developing the company's long-term vision and strategy.


What is Under Armour?

Under Armour is a company that produces clothing, shoes, and accessories for athletes. Under Armour has a twenty person organization chart that shows the organization's major projects and the individuals responsible for them. The company's SAP planning program helps ensure that the company's major projects are completed on time and within budget. The planning program also creates a schedule of task assignments and monitors progress. The assortment planning program helps Under Armour decide which products to produce and in what quantities.


What is Under Armour's corporate governance structure?

Under Armour's corporate governance structure includes an independent oversight committee that includes three independent directors. This committee provides oversight of the company's organizational structure and management function. Additionally, Armour practices include a management function that is responsible for the overall direction and management of the company. The lead director is responsible for leading and managing this function.


Category Management Strategy

Under Armour has announced that it is moving toward a category management strategy. This strategy will focus on developing and managing multiple categories of products and services.

Under Armour's organizational structure has been extended to include a global SAP business. Under Armour sources will be used to provide competitive intelligence for the business. Armour will also be interested in business intelligence and intelligence initiatives. Solutions will be provided for the global SAP Business Intelligence.

Under Armour is the world's largest sportswear brand and employs over 14,000 people in 44 countries. In 2021, Armour generated sales of $2.9 billion. The company's products are sold in more than 200 countries and territories. Armour's products are designed to improve human performance. In addition to sportswear, Armour produces footwear, accessories, and other products. Armour's innovative products include the Armour-X® line of protective gear for athletes.


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