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2023 Fortune 100 List - Spreadsheet Download

Fortune 100 List Excel spreadsheet download

Last updated on February 26, 2024

What were the top 20 largest Fortune company mergers and acquisitions in 2023?

Rank (Estimated) Acquiring Company Target Company Deal Value ($Billion USD) Status as of January 10, 2024
1 ExxonMobil Pioneer Natural Resources $59.5 Completed
2 Chevron Corporation Hess Corporation $53.0 Completed
3 Pfizer Seagen $43.0 Completed
4 Broadcom Inc. VMware $61.0 Completed
5 Bunge Ltd. Viterra Inc. $11.7 Completed
6 Newmont Corporation Newcrest Mining Ltd. $20.6 Completed
7 Amgen Inc. Horizon Therapeutics Inc. $27.8 Completed
8 Thoma Bravo Coupa Software Inc. $8.0 Completed
9 Johnson & Johnson Abiomed Inc. $16.6 Completed
10 Consortium (Japan Industrial Partners Inc., Suzuki Motor Corp., and ROHM Co. Ltd.) Toshiba Corporation $20.0 Pending
11 Apollo Global Management ADT Inc. $6.6 Announced
12 Constellation Brands Inc. Brunello Cucinelli SpA $1.6 Announced
13 KKR & Co. Inc. CyberLink Corp. $1.7 Announced
14 Liberty Mutual Holding Company Inc. Lloyd's Banking Group Plc $28.0 On-Hold
15 Brookfield Business Partners L.P. Westinghouse Electric Company LLC $4.4 Pending
16 National Grid Plc Western Power Distribution Plc $13.3 Completed
17 EOG Resources Inc. Energen Corporation $7.8 Completed
18 APA Corporation Callon Petroleum Company $2.9 Pending
19 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. Antero Midstream Holdings LLC $13.7 Completed
20 United Natural Foods Inc. KeHE Distributors LLC $13.5 Completed

What is the Fortune 100 list?

The Fortune 100 list is a ranking of the top 100 companies in the United States based on their total revenue. It is published annually by Fortune magazine, alongside the more well-known Fortune 500 list. The Fortune 100 list provides a snapshot of the largest and most financially successful companies in the country, representing a diverse range of industries.

While the Fortune 500 list ranks the top 500 companies by revenue, the Fortune 100 list focuses specifically on the top 100. These companies are often household names and industry leaders, commanding significant market share and influence within their respective sectors. Companies like Walmart,, Apple, Home Depot, Costco, JPMorgan Chase and Ford are all Fortune 100 companies.

Like the Fortune 500 list, inclusion in the Fortune 100 is considered prestigious and reflects a company's size, financial strength, and overall success. The Fortune 100 list is widely referenced by investors, analysts, and business professionals as a barometer of corporate performance and market dominance.

Does the Fortune 100 spreadsheet list include the LinkedIn, Twitter (now X), and Facebook URLs for each company?

Yes, the databahn research team updated the Fortune 100 list in November 2023 to include the available social media handles for each company. Some company do not have Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter properties. There is better than 98% completion rate for the companies listed.


How does a company get ranked on the Fortune 100 2023 list?

The 2023 Fortune 100 list is a ranking of the 100 largest U.S. companies by revenue. The list is published annually by Fortune magazine.

What is the Fortune 100 BOGO Offer?

If you purchase the Fortune 100 2023 list now, we will also include the complete Fortune 500 list for FREE.

What fields or columns are included in the 2023 Fortune 100 data set?



How many female CEOs are there on the 2023 Fortune 500 list?

As of June 14, 2023, the Fortune 500 2023 list boasts 52 women at the helm as CEOs. This marks a notable rise of 18 from the previous year and accounts for 10.4% of all Fortune 500 CEOs. CVS Health emerges as the top-ranking company led by a female CEO, securing an impressive #6 position on the list. Noteworthy female CEOs also grace the rankings, such as Karen Lynch of UnitedHealth Group at #5, Priscilla Almodovar of Fannie Mae at #7, and Carrie Wheeler of Opendoor Technologies at #9.

What is the total annual revenue of the top 10 Fortune 100 companies?

The total annual revenue of the top 10 companies combined was $3.6 Trillion (USD). Walmart, Amazon, Apple, CVS Health, UnitedHealth Group, Berkshire Hathaway, Exxon Mobil, Alphabet/Google, McKesson, and Chevron make up the top 10 companies.

The top 10 companies on the Fortune 100 list accounted for 22% of the total revenue, with Walmart leading the way with $572.8 billion in revenue. Amazon was the second largest company with $386.1 billion in revenue, and Apple was the third largest company with $294.5 billion in revenue.

The sectors with the highest revenue growth in 2023 were healthcare, technology, and financial services. Healthcare companies saw their revenue grow by 10%, technology companies saw their revenue grow by 9%, and financial services companies saw their revenue grow by 8%.

The sectors with the lowest revenue growth in 2023 were energy, industrials, and materials. Energy companies saw their revenue decline by 1%, industrials companies saw their revenue decline by 2%, and materials companies saw their revenue decline by 3%.

What is the total annual revenue of all Fortune 500 companies?

The total annual revenue of ALL Fortune 500 companies in 2023 was $18.1 trillion. This represents a 5% increase from the total revenue in 2022.

Who are the top 3 companies on this year's Fortune 100 list in 2023?

Walmart is the largest company on the list, with revenue of $572.8 billion. Amazon is the second largest company, with revenue of $386.1 billion. Apple is the third largest company, with revenue of $294.5 billion.

What are the top performing industry sectors on the 2023 Fortune 100 list?

Overall, the total annual revenue of all Fortune 100 companies in 2023 was strong, with growth in most sectors. The top 10 companies continued to dominate the list, and the healthcare, technology, and financial services sectors were the standouts.

The 2023 Fortune 100 list reflects the changing landscape of the American economy. The list is dominated by technology companies, with 50 of the top 100 companies being technology companies. The list also includes a number of healthcare companies, financial services companies, and retail companies.

How many people do the Fortune 500 companies employ?

In all, the Fortune 500 companies employ more than 30.4 Million people across the globe. Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, FedEx, Target, Kroger UPS, Starbucks, UnitedHealth Group, and Berkshire Hathaway employ more than 7 million people.

2023 Fortune 100 list

1 Walmart WMT (479) 273-4000 C. Douglas McMillon
2 Amazon AMZN (206) 266-1000 Andrew R. Jassy
3 Exxon Mobil XOM (972) 444-1000 Darren W. Woods
4 Apple AAPL (408) 996-1010 Timothy D. Cook
5 UnitedHealth Group UNH (952) 936-1300 Andrew P. Witty
6 CVS Health CVS (480) 391-4600 Karen S. Lynch
7 Berkshire Hathaway BRKA (402) 346-1400 Warren E. Buffett
8 Alphabet GOOGL (650) 253-0000 Sundar Pichai
9 McKesson MCK (972) 446-4800 Brian S. Tyler
10 Chevron CVX (925) 842-1000 Michael K. Wirth
11 AmerisourceBergen ABC (610) 727-7000 Steven H. Collis
12 Costco Wholesale COST (425) 313-8100 W. Craig Jelinek
13 Microsoft MSFT (425) 882-8080 Satya Nadella
14 Cardinal Health CAH (614) 757-5000 Jason Hollar
15 Cigna CI (860) 226-6000 David M. Cordani
16 Marathon Petroleum MPC (419) 422-2121 Michael J. Hennigan
17 Phillips 66 PSX (281) 293-6600 Mark E. Lashier
18 Valero Energy VLO (210) 345-2000 Joseph W. Gorder
19 Ford Motor F (800) 392-3673 James D. Farley Jr.
20 Home Depot HD (770) 433-8211 Edward P. Decker
21 General Motors GM (313) 556-5000 Mary T. Barra
22 Elevance Health ELV (833) 401-1577 Gail K. Boudreaux
23 JPMorgan Chase JPM (212) 270-6000 James Dimon
24 Kroger KR (866) 221-4141 W. Rodney McMullen
25 Centene CNC (314) 725-4477 Sarah M. London
26 Verizon Communications VZ (212) 395-1000 Hans E. Vestberg
27 Walgreens Boots Alliance WBA (847) 315-3700 Roz Brewer
28 Fannie Mae FNMA (800) 232-6643 Priscilla Almodovar
29 Comcast CMCSA (215) 286-1700 Brian L. Roberts
30 AT&T T (210) 821-4105 John T. Stankey
31 Meta Platforms META (650) 543-4800 Mark Zuckerberg
32 Bank of America BAC (800) 432-1000 Brian T. Moynihan
33 Target TGT (612) 304-6073 Brian C. Cornell
34 Dell Technologies DELL (512) 728-7800 Michael S. Dell
35 Archer Daniels Midland ADM (312) 634-8100 Juan R. Luciano
36 Citigroup C (212) 559-1000 Jane Fraser
37 UPS UPS (404) 828-6000 Carol B. Tomé
38 Pfizer PFE (800) 879-3477 Albert Bourla
39 Lowe's LOW (704) 758-1000 Marvin R. Ellison
40 Johnson & Johnson JNJ (732) 524-0400 Joaquin Duato
41 FedEx FDX (800) 463-3339 Rajesh Subramaniam
42 Humana HUM (502) 580-1000 Bruce D. Broussard
43 Energy Transfer ET (214) 981-0700 Thomas E. Long/Marshall S. McCrea III
44 State Farm Insurance N/A PRIVATE (309) 766-2311 Michael L. Tipsord
45 Freddie Mac FMCC (703) 903-2000 Michael J. DeVito
46 PepsiCo PEP (914) 253-2000 Ramon L. Laguarta
47 Wells Fargo WFC (866) 878-5865 Charles W. Scharf
48 Walt Disney DIS (818) 560-1000 Robert A. Iger
49 ConocoPhillips COP (281) 293-1000 Ryan M. Lance
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