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Starbucks Org Charts and Sales Intelligence Blog

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Starbucks Corporation

2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134
United States
Main Phone: (206) 447-1575
Industry Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Full Time Employees: 402,000
Annual Revenue: $35.02 Billion (2022)
CEO: Laxman Narasimhan, CEO & Board Member
Fortune 500 Rank: #125 in 2023


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Business Description

Starbucks Corporation, in collaboration with its subsidiaries, functions as a leading specialist in coffee roasting, marketing, and retailing on a global scale. The corporation's operations are categorized into three primary segments: North America, International, and Channel Development.

Within its stores, Starbucks presents a wide-ranging assortment of coffee and tea beverages, encompassing roasted whole beans, ground coffees, single-serve offerings, and convenient ready-to-drink beverages. Alongside its diverse beverage selection, Starbucks also offers an array of food items, including pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and lunch options. Furthermore, the company extends the reach of its brand by licensing its trademarks to licensed stores, as well as through partnerships with grocery and foodservice providers.

The Starbucks Corporation markets its products under a portfolio of well-recognized brands, which include Starbucks itself, Teavana, Seattle's Best Coffee, Evolution Fresh, Ethos, Starbucks Reserve, and Princi. With a presence in both North America and international markets, Starbucks Corporation operates a combination of company-operated and licensed stores.

Founded in 1971, Starbucks Corporation is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and continues to be a pioneering force in the global coffee industry.

What do the Starbucks Org Charts look like?

Starbucks Org Chart organizational structure
Who sits on the Starbucks Board of Directors? And what affiliations do they have?

Starbucks Org Chart Board of Direectors

Who serves on Starbucks’ Board of Directors?

Name Title Company Email Website
Mellody Hobson Independent Starbucks Board of Directors chair Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Richard E. Allison, Jr. retired chief executive officer and former director Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Andrew Campion chief operating officer of NIKE, Inc. Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Beth Ford chief executive officer of Land O’Lakes, Inc. Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Jørgen Vig Knudstorp executive chairman of LEGO Brand Group Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Satya Nadella chief executive officer and chairman of Microsoft Corporation Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Laxman Narasimhan chief executive officer of Starbucks Corporation Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Howard Schultz founder, director, and former chief executive officer of Starbucks Corporation Starbucks [first_initial][last]



Who are the senior executive leaders at the top of the Starbucks org chart?

Starbucks Org Chart executive leadership 1


Starbucks Org Chart executive leadership 2

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Who are the decision-makers at Starbucks?

Name Title Company Email Website
Laxman Narasimhan chief executive officer Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Howard Schultz founder Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Rachel Ruggeri executive vice president and chief financial officer Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Andy Adams senior vice president, Store Development Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Kelly Bengston senior vice president, chief procurement officer, Global Sourcing Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Chanda Beppu senior vice president and president of Global Channel Development Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Brady Brewer executive vice president, chief marketing officer Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Frank Britt executive vice president, chief reinvention officer Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Dennis Brockman senior vice president, U.S. Operations Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Mark Brown senior vice president, talent and inclusion Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Michelle Burns executive vice president of Global Coffee, Social Impact & Sustainability Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Michael Conway group president, International and Channel Development Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Ron Crawford senior vice president, Global Total Rewards and Partner Resources Service Delivery Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Lori Digulla senior vice president and general manager for Starbucks Canada Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Tom Ferguson senior vice president and president, Latin America and Caribbean Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Zabrina Jenkins executive advisor to the office of the ceo Starbucks [first_initial][last]
AJ Jones II executive vice president and chief communications officer, Public Affairs Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Emmy Kan senior vice president and president, Asia Pacific Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Scott Keller senior vice president, Store Development & Design Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Sara Kelly executive vice president and chief partner officer Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Aswin Krishnan senior vice president, Corporate and Financial Services Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Janet Landers senior vice president, Business Technology Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Deb Hall Lefevre executive vice president, chief technology officer Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Brad Lerman executive vice president and general counsel Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Jon Liechty senior vice president, U.S. Retail Operations Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Takafumi Minaguchi chief executive officer, Starbucks Japan Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Duncan Moir president, Starbucks EMEA Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Brooke O’Berry senior vice president of U.S. Retail Operations Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Dana Pellicano senior vice president, Product Experience Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Anju Rao senior vice president, Global Food Safety, Quality, & Regulatory Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Mark Ring senior vice president, U.S. Licensed Stores, Starbucks Canada and Siren Retail Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Kyndra Russell senior vice president, Marketing Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Sandra Stark senior vice president, Data, Analytics & Insights, and Business Operations Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Sara Trilling executive vice president and president of Starbucks North America Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Arthur Valdez evp, Global Supply and Customer Solutions Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Natarajan “Venkat” Venkatakrishnan senior vice president, Partner and Customer Solutions Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Belinda Wong chairwoman and chief executive officer, Starbucks China Starbucks [first_initial][last]
Katie Young senior vice president of Store Operations Starbucks [first_initial][last]


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Where can I find a Starbucks Technographic profile?

Starbucks Technographic ProfileWhat is a Starbucks Technographic Profile?

The Starbucks Technographic Profile is a description or analysis of their technology-related characteristics and behaviors. It provides insights into the technology tools, systems, and preferences that Starbucks uses. The Starbucks Technographic profile includes information such as:

Hardware and Software: The devices and software applications used, including operating systems, browsers, and productivity tools.

Technology Adoption: Information on the adoption of new technologies, including whether the individual or organization is an early adopter or prefers established solutions.

Online Behavior: How technology is used online, including social media platforms, website preferences, and online communication tools.

Security Practices: The level of attention and investment in cybersecurity measures and data protection.

IT Infrastructure: Details about an organization's IT infrastructure, such as server types, cloud services, and network setups.

Technology Budget: Insights into the budget allocated for technology-related expenses, including software subscriptions, hardware purchases, and IT staff.

The Starbucks Technographic profiles can be used in marketing and sales to tailor product offerings, content, and communication strategies to their specific technology preferences and needs. They can help you identify target audiences, understand trends, and personalize marketing campaigns for better engagement and conversion rates. 


What does the Starbucks SWOT Analysis look like?

• Strong brand recognition and reputation
• Extensive global presence
• Loyal customer base
• Innovative product development
• Efficient supply chain management
• Strong financial performance
• Expanding into new markets
• Developing new products and services
• Investing in digital marketing
• Partnering with other brands
• High prices
• Competition from other coffee chains
• Labor shortages
• Negative publicity related to environmental impact and labor practices
• Economic downturn
• Changes in consumer preferences
• New entrants to the market
• Regulatory changes


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Where is Starbucks investing in their business?


Starbucks to open innovation hub in Shenzhen, China
Aug 2023

Starbucks China
Starbucks is set to inaugurate an Innovation and Technology Hub (ITH) in Shenzhen come September 2023, aiming to expedite the digital transformation of its retail endeavors and omnichannel operations in China. The American coffee giant, renowned for its presence with 6,500 establishments throughout China, is embarking on a comprehensive overhaul of its digital innovation strategy, commencing with an initial investment of RMB1.5 billion (equivalent to $207 million) in this facility. Starbucks has asserted that this hub will be instrumental in streamlining and automating store operations, fostering further digitization within its supply chain, and enhancing personalized customer interactions. The upgraded data infrastructure is poised to propel Starbucks' expansion in China as it aspires to attain a network of 9,000 outlets by 2025, according to a press statement from the Seattle-based coffee chain. Starbucks China's CEO, Belinda Wong, expressed enthusiasm about the prospect, citing Shenzhen as a thriving hub for digital innovation in China and an early pioneer in the Greater Bay Area's development. Wong highlighted the company's eagerness to collaborate with local tech talent and entrepreneurs who share their vision of harnessing technology for fostering meaningful human connections. It is noteworthy that China ranks as Starbucks' second-largest market in terms of outlets, trailing only behind the United States, where the brand operates an extensive network exceeding 16,100 stores.

Laxman Narasimhan Assumes Role of Starbucks Chief Executive Officer
Mar 2023
Starbucks CEO
Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) has officially announced that, as of today, Laxman Narasimhan has assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer and has taken a seat on the company's board of directors. Narasimhan's appointment as the incoming CEO was initially disclosed on September 1, 2022, as he succeeded the company's founder and former CEO, Howard Schultz. Following an extensive global search for Starbucks' new leader, Narasimhan officially assumed his role as incoming CEO on October 1, 2022. He brings with him nearly three decades of experience in leading global consumer goods enterprises and providing guidance to businesses in the retail, grocery, restaurant, and e-commerce sectors. Over the past five months, Narasimhan has engaged in a unique immersive experience, traversing the globe to collaborate with partners (employees) in more than 30 stores, manufacturing facilities, and support centers. Along this journey, he also earned his barista certification. Throughout this period, he became deeply involved in the company's reinvention plans, spearheaded by Schultz, who returned as interim CEO on April 4, 2022.

Starbucks operating chief to depart as company eliminates role under ‘reinvention’
Aug 2022
Starbucks COO leaving

John Culver, who has been an integral part of Starbucks for two decades, is bidding farewell to the company as it undergoes a restructuring that involves the elimination of his current role. This development unfolds amidst a broader reorganization within Starbucks' executive team. Earlier this year, former CEO Kevin Johnson retired, prompting Howard Schultz to reassume leadership as interim CEO while the search for a permanent successor continues. Commencing on October 3, Culver will transition from his present position to take on the role of an executive advisor until his departure from the company at year-end. Starbucks has announced its decision to remove the position of Chief Operating Officer, with many of Culver's direct reports coming under the oversight of Schultz. Meanwhile, Frank Britt, who currently serves as the company's Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, will assume responsibility for the remaining areas, including the global supply chain and technology divisions.

What are Starbucks executives saying about business performance?

Starbucks (SBUX) Q3 2023 Earnings Call Highlights

August 1, 2023

Executives in Attendance
Tiffany Willis -- Vice President, Investor Relations
Laxman Narasimhan -- Chief Executive Officer
Rachel Ruggeri -- Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Comments from Laxman Narasimhan -- Chief Executive Officer:

“To start, our strong third quarter results point to all-around momentum in the business. This quarter, we grew consolidated revenue by 12%, up 14% when excluding more than a 1% impact in foreign currency translation to a record $9.2 billion.”

“Importantly, earnings growth of 19% outpaced revenue growth with margin expanding by 50 basis points to 17.4%. Our strong performance reflects the strengthened foundation of our business, resulting from the significant progress we are making against our reinvention plan. Since stepping into the role, I have now traveled to every region, working directly with partners. I left each interaction impressed by the differentiated global appeal of the Starbucks brand powered by innovation and anchored in our unique ability to deliver human connection.”

“These experiences give me great confidence in the significant growth and margin opportunities in front of us, positioning us well to strengthen the brand and create outsized long-term shareholder value. It was this time last year when Howard and the team identified the must-win opportunities and investments for our foundational reinvention plan. While Rachel will walk you through detailed results, I will now outline the momentum we have from the quarter in five key priority areas while pointing out where we see further headroom. Our first priority, we will elevate the brand by running great stores.”

“This comes to life in the strengthened execution in North America. Our North America team delivered record revenue in the quarter, with a growth of 11% underpinned by 7% comparable same-store sales growth, leading to the highest average weekly sales in our history. Our ticket growth was driven by pricing, customization, and food attach. Additionally, we continue to see improvements in items sold per labor hour.”


Starbucks Q3 2023 Earnings

What do the Starbucks financials look like?

Fiscal Year  
Fiscal Year Ends 2-Oct-22
Most Recent Quarter 2-Jul-23
Profit Margin 10.81%
Operating Margin 14.48%
Management Effectiveness  
Return on Assets 11.14%
Income Statement  
Revenue $35.02 Billion
Revenue Per Share 30.51
Quarterly Revenue Growth 12.50%
Gross Profit 8.39B
Net Income Avi to Common 3.78B
Diluted EPS 3.28
Quarterly Earnings Growth 25.10%
Balance Sheet  
Total Cash 3.62B
Total Cash Per Share 3.16
Total Debt 24.42B
Current Ratio 0.78
Book Value Per Share -7.29
Cash Flow Statement  
Operating Cash Flow 5.16B
Levered Free Cash Flow 2.72B


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