Netflix Organizational Structure in 2023

Netflix Organizational Structure in 2023 

Netflix logo

Netflix, Inc.
121 Albright Way
Los Gatos, CA 95032
United States
Main Phone: (408) 540-3700
Industry Sector: Communication Services - Entertainment
Full Time Employees: 12,800
Annual Revenues: $31.91 Billion USD
Fiscal Year End: December 31, 2023

Netflix has co-CEOs
Theodore A. Sarandos, Co-CEO, Pres & Director
Gregory K. Peters, Co-CEO, Pres & Director


Who are the co-CEOs at Netflix?

Netflix co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings
Netflix, the popular streaming service, has a unique organizational structure that is designed to support its fast-paced and innovative culture. The company is led by co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings, who share the responsibilities of overall strategy and decision-making for the company.

Does Netflix have a traditional hierarchical organizational structure?
One of the key aspects of Netflix's organizational structure is its flat and decentralized structure. Unlike traditional hierarchical companies, Netflix does not have a traditional management hierarchy. Instead, the company is divided into small, autonomous teams that are responsible for specific areas of the business such as content, product, and marketing. Each team is led by a leader who is responsible for the performance of their respective team, and who works closely with the co-CEOs to align their work with the overall strategy of the company.


Who is on the Board of Directors at Netflix?

Netflix Org Chart Board of Directors in 2023

Richard Barton Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Mathias Döpfner Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Timothy Haley Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Reed Hastings Chairman of the Board Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Jay Hoag Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Leslie Kilgore Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Strive Masiyiwa Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Ann Mather Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Greg Peters Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Ambassador Susan Rice Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Ted Sarandos Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Brad Smith Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Anne Sweeney Board Member Netflix (408) 540 3700




Who are the executive decision makers on the Netflix org cart?

Netflix Org Chart Executive Leadership in 2023

Greg Peters Co-CEO Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Ted Sarandos Co-CEO Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Scott Stuber Chairman of Netflix Film Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Rachel Whetstone Chief Communications Officer Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Bela Bajaria Chief Content Officer Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Spencer Neumann Chief Financial Officer Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
David Hyman Chief Legal Officer Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Marian Lee Chief Marketing Officer Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Sergio Ezama Chief Talent Officer Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Reed Hastings Founder and Executive Chairman Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Maria Ferreras Global Head of Partnerships Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Jeremi Gorman President, Worldwide Advertising Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Minyoung Kim Vice President of Content, APAC ex-India Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Larry Tanz Vice President of Content, EMEA Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Bryony Gagan Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Eunice Kim Vice President, Consumer Product Innovation Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Elizabeth Stone Vice President, Data & Insights Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Deborah Black Vice President, Engineering Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Spencer Wang Vice President, Finance/IR/Corporate Development Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Mike Verdu Vice President, Games Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Vernā Myers Vice President, Inclusion Strategy Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Francisco Ramos Vice President, Latin American Content Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Dean Garfield Vice President, Public Policy Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Pablo Perez De Rosso Vice President, Strategy, Planning & Analysis Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]
Amy Reinhard Vice President, Studio Operations Netflix (408) 540 3700 [f][last]



What is Netflix's philosophy about decision-making?
The company's flat structure allows for quick decision-making and fast execution. It also allows employees to take ownership of their work and be more innovative and productive. The company's culture is built around a philosophy of “freedom and responsibility”, where employees are given the freedom to make decisions and take risks, while also being held accountable for the results of their actions.

How important are technology innovation and strategy to Netflix?
Another key aspect of Netflix's organizational structure is its focus on data and technology. The company uses data to inform its decisions and to drive its growth. For example, the company uses data to understand customer preferences and to inform its content and product development. The company also has a dedicated team of engineers and data scientists who work closely with the co-CEOs and other senior leaders to develop and implement new technologies and data strategies that will help the company stay competitive in the streaming industry.

How does Netflix promote talent development & retention?
Netflix also has a strong emphasis on talent development and retention. The company believes in investing in its employees and providing them with the resources and support they need to grow and succeed. For example, the company offers its employees opportunities for professional development, such as mentorship programs, training, and conferences.

What is the culture like at Netflix?
In conclusion, Netflix's organizational structure is designed to support its innovative and fast-paced culture. With a flat and decentralized structure, a strong focus on data and technology, and a commitment to talent development and retention, the company is well-positioned to continue to be a leading player in the streaming industry. The co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings, lead the company by creating a culture that encourages innovation, experimentation, and taking risks, which is what sets the company apart from its competitors and allows it to stay ahead of the curve.


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